Thank you for doing such a great job preparing my son Matt for the ACT he took in June. His score went from a 29 to a 33! He is my third child to take your ACT Prep class and see great results. I will look forward to signing my younger daughters up for your class when they are old enough. In the meantime, I will continue to tell everyone about your great ACT class.
I would like to thank you for the outstanding preparation you gave me for the June ACT. Both of you took time out of your lives to accommodate my schedule, sacrifices that I believe have made all the difference. I would like to especially thank Jeanne for the practice reading tests, and Jeanine as well for finding the time to give me the math and science tests while I was away in Appalachia. I received a 32 composite score and a score of 8 on the writing portion. I never dreamed I would score so highly on the test, but I also know I never could have done it without your help.
I just wanted to say thank you for your prep course. Kelly just received the results of her June test, and she got a 31 composite score--that is a 3 point increase from her last test. We are thrilled with her results. I will be sure to recommend your program to anyone who is looking for a prep course.
This is Becca M. from your Wednesday night ACT class. I just received my scores, and I cannot tell you how thankful I am for what you both taught me. You guys helped me improve so much! I got a 20 the first time I took the ACT, and for the June ACT I got a 24. My math score went up 5 points. My English score was a 24; now I got a 29. I also got a 10 on writing. I will recommend your class to everyone I know who is going to be taking the ACT!
Ashley has completed her last test this June. She will coordinate all scores to submit one final score once we get the results. She really enjoyed your course and stated numerous times "it was very helpful." Her scores, as she reported them, were steadily improving. I appreciate your time and talent and thank you for providing this for our children. I know she will be proud.
I am writing to thank you and Jeanne for a wonderful preparation provided to my son, Dan, this past February-March. He raised his score from 28 to 31 after participating in your class (and doing the homework you assigned to him). Thanks again...we are all happy!
I was a very poor standardized test taker. My performance on these types of tests never reflected my work ethic or my true abilities with regard to academics. It was only through the help of Jean Bern and Jeanine Pawelczyk that I was able to take my score of a 21 on my ACT and transform that into a 26 in just a matter of a few months of preparatory work.
I just wanted to let you know how much we feel your prep classes helped prepare Tori for the tests. She ended up taking 2 tests in April. She scored a 27 the 1st time and pulled it up to a 30 the next test!! We (and she) were thrilled! We are recommending your classes to all our friends with younger children.
I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that Jillian took the ACT and got a 27! That is 3 points higher than her practice, and she is so proud of herself.
I just wanted to let you and Jeanne know that John's results on the ACT went up from 23 to 27!!!! We are so happy and wanted to thank you for the great job you do with the prep class. John told me he didn't even mind going to the class!
Once again, I want to thank you and Jeanine for all your support with the ACT preparation for my twin boys, Dave & Mike M. They scored 28 & 31 respectively on the ACT and I don't believe they could have done it without your coursework. They are now seniors and have been accepted by 4 of the schools they've applied to thus far with over $300,000 in scholarships offered to them.
Our daughter, Kelsey, came to you while in her junior year at Marist. She first took the ACT cold, with no review class, and received a score of 24. After your review class, she not only raised her score to a 30, but we also learned invaluable information with regard to colleges. We cannot thank you enough!!!
I just wanted to thank you so much for your help in preparing me for the ACT. Thanks to your guidance and advice, I got a 32 and got into one of the best universities in the country, the University of Notre Dame. Thank you so much!
My husband and I just wanted to extend our gratitude to you both for successfully preparing our son, David, for the ACT test. He went up 6 points! The real purpose for this letter is not just to let you know we believe that your program contributed to David's score, but we wanted to acknowledge your work ethics. Payment was made in full before the classes even started. You had our money. What would it have mattered to you if our son had missed any classes? You demonstrated you both were in "it" not just for the money, but for the success of a child's education. May we always have a "Jeanne" and "Jeanine" in our son's life! Keep up the good work!
I just wanted to let you know that my son, Kevin F, took your class and just received his ACT scores for the September test. He went from a score of 27 to a 32. He's thrilled that he was able to raise his score above a 30, and I wanted to let you know of his success after taking your class. Thank you!
As a recent former student of your Jeanius Prep class, I am writing to both give you my gratitue and good news: your class helped to raise my score from a 31 composite to a 34! Specifically, I went from a 33 in English and reading to a 36, while in math and science I went from a 28 to a 32. I strongly believe that this would not have been possible without your support and guidance during your class, and I am exceptionally thankful for both of you. While I will not know my writing score for several weeks, I would like to thank you for your aid in that area as well. I feel incredibly confident that my higher scores will give me the advantage that I will need when applying for college. It was truly a blessing to be able to work with you two.
I have attended Jean and Jeanine's ACT Prep class once and will be signing up for a second class very soon. This class is the singular most helpful tool available to prepare for the ACT. From the start of the class to the actual ACT, my score raised four points, and I am confident that Jeanne and Jeanine will be able to help me raise this score a few more points. I could not recommend their class more highly.
A hearty "thank you" to you both for the guidance, support, and confidence that you so generously gave to my daughter Megan while she attended your ACT prep classes. You instilled a "can do" spirit in her that, in my opinion, provided her with the self assurance needed as she prepared for the ACT Test she took in February. You helped her believe in her abilities, and she learned that by taking the prep classes and preparing herself for the test, her hard work would be rewarded...which it was! Thanks again to you both for all your encouragement and kindnesses!
I know I informed you of the 31 I got on the last ACT after getting a 25, but I thought I would tell you that I now stand at a 33. Thanks for everything!!!
Thank you very much for all of your help and advice you have given my son Dominic last year while he was taking your ACT prep class. After your class, Dominic to the ACT test and first scored a 33. With your advice, he took it again, and I am very happy to tell you that Dominic scored a 34 on his ACT test. He tells me that he really believes the class helped him, and that is why I have signed my daughter up to take the same class.
This past summer I was enrolled into your college preparatory ACT class. With the help of your class, I was able to improve my ACT composite score to a 29. I am also very proud to say that I applied and was accepted into Brown University! None of this could have been possible without your help, so I would truly like to thank you for the impact you had on my life.
I would recommend your Jeanius Prep class to others. I went from a 25 ACT score to a 30 ACT score, which was my goal. I'm happy to say that I will be going to U of I for engineering in the fall.
My sons, Brian Jr. and Patrick, currently attend the University of Notre Dame. Jeanne and Jeanine's ACT class was an instrumental part of their acceptance into Notre Dame.
My brother, a 2006 high school graduate, took the class when he was a junior. He found the class extremely helpful: his first and only ACT score was a 34. He is currently attending Davidson College in North Carolina. Similarly, I feld that the class was definitely worthwhile. After taking a total of three practice exams from the class, I went into the ACT feeling very well prepared. I knew how to strategize, time-manage, and hunt for key words, all of this thanks to the ACT Jeanius Prep class. My test score for the first and only ACT I took was a 32.
As a junior at Saint Ignatius College Prep, I was offered several different ACT prep class options. I had heard of Jeanne and Jeanine's ACT test prep classes through close friends who found the class beneficial in improving their scores, and decided it was my best option; I couldn't have made a better decision! I went into the class having no prior experience with the ACT and immediately gained basic strategy and test taking skills within the first few classes. As class went on I was able to put those skills to work through various ACT practice tests and drills. By the end of the sessions, I had improved my averages to the low 30s, which was just where I wanted them. This helped me to gauge what my score would be on the ACT when it counted most, and, just as expected, I was able to bring my composite score from 30 to 32 in two sittings. I would recommend Jeanne and Jeanine's ACT prep class to any high school junior who is serious about reaching his or her goals and doing well on the ACT.
The first time I took the ACT--at the conclusion of sophomore year--I scored a 27. While I was happy with this achievement, I believed I could do better with additional help. That's when I turned to Jeanius Prep. While I had known Jeanne and Jeanine for years, I didn't choose Jeanius Prep simply for that reason. Rather, I made my decision based on overwhelming evidence of Jeanne and Jeanine's rare dedication, unparalleled expertise, and consistent success. I cannot stress how happy I am that I made the decision I did. I jumped six points. I received a 33 composite along with a perfect English score and an astonishing 33 in science (up 11 points from the 22 I had received for science the first time). As a result, I received a substantial scholarship from the college I will be attending and also received the Janet Ozinga Scholarship due, in part, to my ACT score! I am sure that results will vary for each student who chooses Jeanius Prep, but I am confident that any student who is diligent and takes full advantage of Jeanne and Jeanine's knowledge will see substantial improvement. Thank you, Jeanius Prep, I couldn't have asked for better!
Thanks to this ACT Prep Course, I raised my ACT composite score 5 points, a task I am almost certain I would not have accomplished without its help. Not only did I become familiar with the style of the ACT through several practice tests I completed, but also I learned how to effectively manage my time and how to competently guess on questions that stumped me. All three skills allowed me to walk into the St. Rita testing center on June 12 confident and ready to complete the test that I had dreaded a few months earlier. In addition to the practice tests, the course offered me different tips, such as purchasing a watch and listening to Mozart prior to the test, that aided in my ACT testing. I would highly recommend this prep class to any student hoping to raise their ACT score. However, be aware that this class alone can not raise your score. You must make a conscious effort to complete each test and ask every question.
Jeanius Prep guided and taught me all the essentials of being successful on the ACT. With their help, I was able to raise my score significantly to a 34. Thanks to them, my options for college have opened up considerably.
I want to thank you two (as well as the other teachers) for helping me reach the score my parents prayed I would receive. I will let you two know how the next test goes next month. Thanks again!
I'm so happy! My score increased from 19 to 23.
Jeanne and Jeanine, I want to thank you for all that you've done. I went from a 28 composite ACT score to a 32 and am proud to say that Jeanius Prep helped me secure my spot in the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania next fall. I could not be happier with the results I received from your class and will continue to recommend your program to my peers and everyone at school. Please continue this excellent course so that others may reach their highest potential. Fondly, Jessy S.
Dear Jeanne and Jeanine I cannot put into words how truly thankful am I for the work and effort you two put into the classes I took to get me ready for the ACT test. As you both know, I have a 27 composite and hope to move on to Marquette University, Saint Louis University or Butler University next year and major in Business. From the countless hours of class time at Rasmussen to the hours of prep on my own, I could always count on you two to correct my mistakes and help me further my education about the test. Jeanne- Thank you so much for hours of work you put in to for preparation for the English and Reading tests. Not only did you enhance my knowledge on information on the test, you helped me understand what I did not fully understand. Also thank you for the feedback on the Written tests I would do to help my writing skills for the Writing Test at the end of each test. Jeanine- Thank you so much for the hours of work you put in to for preparation for the Math and Science tests. Science was in fact my second best score on the test and that was just one effect of your class. (Reading was my first. Thanks Jeanne!!) Thank you for all the feedback you would give me on answers I did not answer correctly or did not understand. I will keep in touch with you guys when I make my final decision and I will always recommend anyone who needs help for the ACT test right to you guys. You guys were the best of the best and it truly means a lot to my parents and me! Thanks again!!
Jeanne and Jeanine are excellent teachers for the ACT; they know what they're doing, and they also care about you and your progress on a personal level.
I would just like to say thanks for your help for my son who raised his score by 3 pts.He is a baseball player who needed to combine his athletic and baseball scholarship to make it affordable at this great school. Baseball is unlike football because only partial scholarships are offered, and coaches look for athletics to be on an even par with academics.Many thanks!
I am beyond grateful for your dedication, advice, and teaching, and I want you to know that I recommend your services to anyone who needs ACT preparation or help with college essays, and I reassure them that it truly is worth the drive from the immediate west suburbs.
I wanted to first thank you for being an excellent teacher at Jeanius Test Prep. My ACT score greatly improved, and I was accepted into the college of my dream, University of Illinois College of Business. Secondly, I was awarded the Evans Scholarship to that school, thanks to your help on my scholarship essay. It's been quite an exciting year. I appreciate your support and all of your help.
I wanted to let you know that my son got his ACT score back this week. It is a 34! He is very happy. I asked him if he thought your class was helpful toward getting him the score, and he thought it definitely did help. So, I just wanted to let you know of his success (as well as your own).
Again, thanks to both of you for all of your help last year with my daughter and now with my son. Whenever we get asked for ACT prep class recommendations, we always mention you folks. And everyone we speak to does the same. Your legacy in this area is well established. You just need to figure out a way to clone yourselves.
My daughter, a Mother McAuley junior, took the ACT test the first time without Jeanius Prep and scored a 27, and I was quite happy. After being referred to Jeanne and Jeanine by a friend I gave them a call. They spent quite a bit of time advising me before even knowing I was going to sign my daughter up for the class. After they related that the average increase was three points for their students, I signed her up. She took the class and scored a 30. I've since talked to them about her taking the class again. They again offered much time and advice, and with their help I decided a 30 is good enough. How many people are honest enough to give you advice that results in not spending additional money with them? This class and Jeanne and Jeanine are fabulous, and my daughter and I highly recommend Jeanius Prep.
My score went up from a 22 to a 25. Thank you!
If you want to get the score you want for the school of your dreams, Jeanius Prep is the way to go. Through this program, I went from a 22 to a 31. In addition, the assistance and advice provided by Jeanne and Jeanine in the college application process allowed me to obtain admission into top tier universities with outstanding scholarships. The quality of this program and the personalized assistance makes Jeanius Prep far superior than competing courses. I highly recommend it!
Thank you, Jeanne and Jeanine, for all your help as I prepared for the ACT. Coming into your class, I immediately felt that the instructors wanted the students to succeed. My score improved considerably after taking the class, and I know the repetition of the work we did was very effective for me. Going into the ACT, I felt very confident in my test-taking skills, and I am very happy with the results!
Jeanius Prep was willing to spend the time necessary to help our son improve his score from a 29 to a 33. It was definitely worth the money that we spent.
My first ACT score was a 20. After your class, I earned a 22. You encouraged me to re-take the class and keep working at my score. I'm so glad I did. On my last ACT, I got a 25! Thank you!
I went to the Jeanius Prep ACT class last year after wanting a higher score than a 25. Although the drive was quite long from my house, it was totally worth it. They helped boost my score to a 28, and Jeanne helped me write my Chick Evans essay. I received the full ride scholarship and will be attending Marquette. This class is well worth it; do not be intimidated by the drive because in the end it will pay off.
This course is not just your normal corporate course like Kaplan or Princeton Review where the kids are just numbers. It is a course taught by two women who are actually interested in the kids and get to know them individually. They also encourage the kids and their parents to contact them after the tests to let them know how it went. After my daughter took her test I did call them and they not only knew who my daughter was but were genuinely interested in how she did. More importantly, after I told them her scores in the different sections of the test they offered suggestions on how my daughter could work on some of her shortcomings to get even a better score. They had critical insight in this area since they were her actual instructors. I think it is important to stress here that their constructive suggestions were not simply to take another class with them which I think many of the other corporate review courses would have done (assuming of course that you would even talk to a human being when you called their 800 number).
Dear Jeanne and Jeanine, Thank you so much for your help on the ACT. I took your class on Thursday evenings in the fall, and I cannot even begin to describe how helpful it was. By the time my last composite had been graded, I was shocked to find a 12 on the essay and a perfect reading score! I got a 29 the first time I tested, and after restudying all my notes, I pulled it up to a thirty in April. I know that while after 5 or 6 times I might have gotten my score, I am very thankful that after only two tests, I reached a score that before your class, I hadn't thought possible. I recommend your class to everyone I talk to struggling with the ACT, and a few close friends have talked me into loaning them my essays and promtps the night before testing (who studies the night before? amatuers..). Anyways, thanks again, and keep up the excellent teaching!
I can not even start to express how grateful we are for getting our son prepared for the ACT exam. His scores were outstanding and with your help has already opened opportunities not originally thought obtainable. As parents, all we want to do is provide our children with the best avenues to achieve success. Your program allowed us to do that.
I recommended 2 young ladies to Jeanne and Jeanine after hearing how terrific both were from a friend. They were incredible. Both young ladies scored 3 points higher than their previous highs after completing a single session, and one of the young ladies increased her score by another 3 points after enlisting for a second session. Both young ladies had taken the test 3 times apiece with exactly the same results. With the help of Jeanne and Jeanine, both were able to go to schools of their dreams on scholarships. I would highly recommend their services to any student that needs to improve their test scores.
I am so glad that I took Jeanne and Jeanine's prep class. With their help, I bumped my original 29 on the ACT up to a 32! What especially helped were Jeanine's science test tactics and Jeanne's tips on what the ACT loves to ask in the English section, because they raised my science grade from a 27 to a 34 and my English from a 28 to an amazing 35! Thank you, Jeanius Prep!!!
I just wanted to let you know I am so happy with my ACT score and cannot thank you enough. I received a composite score of 28, which is 8 more points than my first ACT score. I have been recommending you to everyone!
I recently received my scores for the September and October ACTs and was thrilled upon receiving a 31 for the September test and a 34 for the October test. I am sure that this dramatic improvement in my score was due to my enrollment in your class, and I cannot thank you enough for all of the help you gave to me over the summer. Your engaging and immersive teaching styles were exceptional, and I appreciate the amount of time we were given in class for practice tests. I hope your classes are going well and that your other students have as much success as I have had in the past few months. Thanks again so much!
I just wanted to reach out and say thank you again for helping my son out. He raised his overall test score by three points for a total score of 19.
I wanted to thank you so much for your class and your help. Your class raised my score from a 31 to a 33, making me much more competitive in the higher-level schools!! My English increased by 7 points, and my science by 4! You truly are amazing teachers.
My daughter took the ACT test 'cold' several months ago and got a 21 composite. She took your class and then took the ACT again on April 9th and increased her composite by 4 points. Her reading and science scores both went up by 5 points. Needless to say she is thrilled !! Thanks for everything, I will recommend your class to others and am sure you'll see my son in 2 years!!
I scored a 25 composite and a 29 on the writing portion. Thank you guys for your immense help and effort. You truly made a difference.
My daughter raised her score on the ACT 6 points, to a 33, after taking the Jeanius Prep course. She didn't even get to finish the course because of family vacation plans! The course helped her target her weak points and capitalize on her strengths. It was worth every penny!
I wanted to thank you for all the help and advice you gave in your class. We just received our scores from our school test, and I got a 34! 36s in reading and science, a 33 in math, and a 29 in English. I'm extremely happy with how I did, and I owe it to your program. Once again, thank you!
Just wanted to offer some praise for your program. My son went from a 22 composite to a 26 composite. Math went from a 19 to a 27!!!!! EIGHT POINTS !!! WOW! Science from 21 to 25 English 21 to 25 and Reading 25 to 26 His lowest score became his highest score! Unbelievable! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.
I wanted to personally thank you and everyone else who helped my son over the last year. Test taking has always been hard for him, but I am certain it was a huge benefit for him to take your class three times. I'm happy to report that he finally got the 26 composite needed to get direct admit into the University of Iowa business school and get $7,000 off his tuition per year. We couldn't be more proud. He earned a 27 on the math, 24 on the reading, 24 on English, and a 30 on the science! His scores consistently went up over the 3 courses he took with you and some areas by even 9 points. I'm once again very grateful and will be sure to recommend your course to friends and their kids.
I just took the Wednesday prep classes. I'm happy to say that my ACT score went up from 31 to 33 after taking this class. I just really wanted a 32, so a 33 is a very nice surprise to me. While I was taking the test, I noticed multiple concepts in math and English that I would've gotten wrong had I not taken this class. Thank you for putting together such a great class! I know that taking it directly increased my score, and I am very grateful.
I would like to thank you for your amazing work. I finally got the score I was looking for, and I couldn't have done it without you guys. I really appreciate it:)!
I would like to thank you for your amazing work. I finally got the score I was looking for, and I couldn't have done it without you guys. I really appreciate it:)!
My son took the Act for the third time - went up from a 26 to a 28! To recap, he went from 22 to 26 to 28. Thank you for providing him with the skill sets to succeed.I told him, "If I spend 400 dollars, you better take this class seriously !" :) Worth every penny! You ladies are the best!
Hello Jeanine and Jeanne, I just wanted to thank you so much for all the help I have received from you in preparation for the September ACT. As you know, I could only take the crash course. Those three nights with both of you helped me to advance my test taking strategies immensely and ultimately increased my score on the ACT by 5 points in comparison to the first one I took. Seeing that 30 yesterday morning made me so extremely happy and gave me a feeling of accomplishment. I was aiming for at least a 28 and exceeded that goal by 2 points. With my new score, so many new doors for scholarships and academic opportunities have opened up to me and I could not be more excited for what my future holds. Thank you again so much for helping me to exceed my goal on the ACT!
I wanted to thank you so much for all your help on my ACT journey. I'm extremely proud to say I moved up by 5 points. I got a composite score of 30, and with your help I scored a 30 in English and -- surprisingly -- a 32 in reading, my worst subject (I thought). I appreciate everything you have done. Thank you again :))).
My son is playing football for Illinois Wesleyan. That ACT score certainly helped him get multiple offers.
Our son attended Jeanius Prep for the ACT twice over a 7-month period. He attended the review class initially in February 2017 and took his 1st ACT in April. He went from a 25 (from his junior year practice ACT) to a 30. He took a 2nd ACT after studying on his own and went up to a 31. He took a 2nd Jeanius Prep review class late this summer and received a 35 in September (a 10 point increase overall!). The evidence that this class works is very clear to us, and we are incredibly grateful to both Jeanne and Jeanine for their dedication in helping the students so effectively. Clearly, he could not have come close to his final score studying on his own. Both Jeanne and Jeanine are passionate about what they do (even our son made a comment to this effect about them!) We are now able to look at schools we weren’t considering not too long ago, and we’re thrilled.
When I took the practice ACT my sophomore year, I got a 25. However, after taking your class twice, I surpassed all my expectations, received a 35, and got into Vanderbilt. I couldn’t be more thankful. Thanks again for all of your help and encouragement!